Special Discounts for USAA Member International Travel

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Include the USAA discount CDP# when you make your reservation.

Take advantage of special rates and discounts for USAA members traveling internationally.
Discounts for the following participating international locations apply to Published Time and Kilometer Rates or Standard Unlimited Mileage (SUM) Daily Rates (if applicable), where such discounts are permitted by law.

• 10% Off Published Standard Rates
• 5% Off Published Leisure Rates

• 5% Off Published Rates in Eastern Europe & Iceland
• 25% Off other participating countries in Europe
• 5% Off Europe special low non-prepaid Affordable Rates (booked at least 8 hours prior to departure from the U.S.)

Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands & all other participating locations
• 10% Off Published Rates

• 15% Off Affordable Rates in Mexico

Coverage requirements may vary by country. To ensure you are covered, you may want to purchase coverage when renting internationally. Ask to speak to the International Desk at Hertz for specific questions regarding international coverage requirements or check with your insurance company.