Introducing new enhancements and changes to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards
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Introducing new enhancements and changes to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards®

Changes in point earning and expiry:
  • Increasing point multipliers:
  • Five Star: From a 10% bonus to a 25% bonus
  • Presidents Circle: From a 25% bonus to a 50% bonus
  • Updating Five Star qualification status from 7 rentals or $1,500 spend (excluding taxes and fees) to 12 rentals or $2,400 spend (excluding taxes and fees).
  • Changing points expiration from 24 months of activity to 18 months of inactivity.
  • Eliminating select activation bonuses including sign-up bonus and 15th rental bonus.

A better, faster experience:
  • Offering Five Star for a Day for Gold members that reach 8 rentals and President's Circle for a Day for Five Star members that reach 16 rentals so you can experience next tier benefits.
  • Offering you the chance to upgrade to any available car on the lot after your 30th and 40th rentals.
  • Guaranteeing President's Circle members their requested vehicle is available with at least 24-hour notice at our airport locations. Previously, we required at least 48-hour notice.

Flexible redemption options:
  • Introduce Cash + Points: Use a combination of points and currency instead of one or the other - to pay for rentals and vehicle upgrade.
  • Offering new ways for you to earn and use points beyond rentals - including unique and exclusive access to Hertz Rewards - our auction platform.
  • Offering you the chance to use your points to redeem for luxury vehicles in the Hertz Dream Cars Collection. (Effective mid-January 2019)